The work that goes into a Kardashian glam room will blow your damn mind

Like we weren't jealous enough already...

By Bianca Mastroianni

There are many aspects of the Kardashian's lives that may blow your mind. Their extensive wardrobes, how many pets they actually have, their super-sized salads... but most importantly, their glam rooms.

They've never shied away from showing off their most prized rooms. It's where they're dolled up to the nines to look, well, the way they look... but there is so much more to those rooms than we could have ever guessed. Their interior designer Lawrence Bullard has revealed to People the amount of work that goes into these famous rooms, and prepare for your mind the actually explode.

Every single inch of the room is comfortable. Literally, every.single.inch.

"If they’re in a long makeup session, they’ve got a TV that sits in view of the mirror. Every single detail is to make the experience as luxurious as possible," he explains. "This is literally a place where the beginning of their day of work happens. And that’s why we pay so much attention to details that make it comfortable, so the makeup thing doesn’t become a chore. It’s something they enjoy and so they can go forward from that to film and shoot."

Not to mention the $$$ that go into the furniture and fittings (obvz).

"We use sapphire glass mirrors, which is the finest, cleanest and purest mirror," Lawrence explains. "Each one has their specific chair made for their exact height, so that the back hits them properly, and so it’s the right comfort level... all the makeup is divided perfectly and all those things are done in precise custom cabinetry... so all those things do come at a price point. And time-wise, it takes a lot of time because everything is detailed, from the exact size of a lipstick mould for a drawer to the perfect scale of a chair. So it’s not something you can turn around in a week. Sometimes these things take up to three months to perfect."

Our OCD is in heaven RN.

But the biggest surprise of all is the least amount of things held in the glam room, is makeup.

"There’s not that much makeup," he reveals. "They have favourites and they like to stick to them, and then excess makeup is actually brought in by the makeup artists, so it’s not tons of makeup that’s kept in the glam rooms."

But the most important thing in each glam room is - you guessed it - lighting. The selfie HAS to be on freaking point, so the lighting is imperative.

"You have to be lit in a way that the girls' makeup will look correct under TV lights or under the natural lighting," he explains. "We use a particular diffused light bulb that have special fittings made to fit them into. We have to have prefect equal lighting on either side of the face, but we make sure there’s no lighting above their heads because that is the worst thing you can ever do in a makeup room."

Is your head spinning yet? Does your beauty station seem like a dump now?! Ugh.

The sister's fave glam room actually goes to Khloé, who has four beauty stations just for guests.

"Khloé’s house becomes a hub for the family to get ready," Lawrence says. "Kourtney comes over there a lot, Kim comes over there a lot, for some reason they all like to go over to Khloé’s and get ready together."