DOLLY Teen Choice Awards

DOLLY Teen Choice Awards

12:0AM, Jan 1

The party of the year has been and gone and in a nutshell ... the first ever DOLLY Teen Choice Awards rocked!

We rolled out the red carpet on Sydney Harbour's edge for the first ever DOLLY Teen Choice Awards.

It was an awesome night with Guy Sebastian, Rogue Traders and Kid Courageous performing, plus The Ronnies sang their new single for us all. Luna Park's Big Top was packed and the winners were announced by hosts Stephanie MacIntosh and Jules Lund. A definite highlight had to be when Jules reintroduced us all to his Dancing on Ice lycra jumpsuit – wow.

A big thanks to the sponsor of the night Target, but even more so to you guys for voting online. We had such a massive response and the night couldn't have happened without the DOLLY readers.

It's not over yet though. We've got a stack of video footage full of red carpet action and piccies galore. Find it all online!

DOLLY Teen Choice Awards – The Winners:

Raddest radio personality: Lowie
Coolest VJ in the country: Axle Whitehead
Most popular TV show: Neighbours
Hottest music act: The Veronicas
Best five minute feed: Boost
Best mobile phone ring tone: Pussycat Dolls
Most popular sportstar: Ian Thorpe
Hottest album of 2006: Anthony Callea
Best dressed celeb: Jodi Gordon
Cult product of 2006: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Best slashie: Natalie Bassinghwaigthe
King and Queen of teen: Isabel Lucas and Chris Hemsworth

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