10 things you need to know about Riverdale’s hottest red-head KJ Apa

Because if you’re gonna obsess over him, you should know these things…

By Bianca Mastroianni
10 things you need to know about Riverdale's KJ Apa

If, like us, Riverdale has awakened your love for KJ Apa, then read along. We have delved into his past and found out everything you need to know about this absolute diamond in the rough.

1. He’s from New Zealand

That’s right, the absolute bae is our freaking neighbour and we couldn’t be more proud!

He might be hot on the show, but with that accent… DAYUM. Listen to him below:

2. Just like Archie, he is musical himself

Yep, KJ Apa plays the guitar IRL. He often posts vids of him on Instagram playing the guitar, and he’s sooooooooooooo good.

Plz revive us from the dead.

3. He’s not a natural red-head

Regardless, he suits it SO WELL. He had to dye his hair for Riverdale, but naturally he has brown hair. The salon visit took 10 hours. TEN!

4. He played Kane Jenkins on New Zealand’s soap, 'Shortland Street'

The role he plays is pretty similar to Archie. He spoke to Teen Vogue about it, revealing that “My character had gotten into a relationship with his P.E. teacher, so I literally had just played a similar storyline.” Lol.

5. It took a 4-month global search for Archie to be cast

Deadline confirmed that that KJ Apa was cast as Archie on the 24th of February, after a gruelling 4-month global search. Talking to The New Zealand Herald KJ admitted, “It’s weird aye? I was thinking: ‘What if I don’t look good with red hair?’” Honey, you do.

6. He’s going to be in a movie starring alongside Dylan O’Brien’s girlfriend, Britt Robertson

KJ got cast in A Dog’s Purpose which he stars alongside Britt Robertson. He also commented on that controversial video that TMZ released from the movie’s set.

7. He has a tattoo on his shoulder to remember his father’s Samoan family

Side note: ABS.

KJ is half-Samoan, and after his grandfather died he travelled to Samoa at 17-years-old. While there, he got a tattoo with designs that represent his family.

“My dad’s father was a high chief… and the family agreed my dad would take over his chief title: Tupa’i,” he told The New Zealand Herald in 2014. “Later, we decided to get a tattoo to commemorate that.”

8. His real name is Keneti James Fitzgerald

But he just goes by KJ.

9. He shares a birthday with Tupac Shakur

It’s June 16th, which makes him a Gemini… meaning he is gentle, affectionate, loves music and dislikes being alone.

10. He’s become besties with Cole Sprouse and we #can’teven

They’ve even gone camping together.

Just look!

Now, here are some HOT AF pics from his Instagram.

S H O O K!