10 ways that Louis’ mum, Johannah was an absolute blessing to the 1D fandom

RIP Johannah, we're forever grateful <3

By Matt Galea
Ways Johannah Deakin blessed One Direction fans

Louis Tomlinson's mum, Johannah Deakin did A LOT for the 1D fandom! As a tribute to her, we've rounded up 10 ways that she blessed us all.

1. She took the first ever photo of the boys as a band.

2. She literally took every opportunity that she could to congratulate the boys on their hard work.

3. Her super proud mummy moments always brought us to tears.

4. She was always interacting with the 1D fandom.

5. She did the whole world a favour by sharing BTS pics of Louis, ‘cos she knew how much he means to us all.

6. She invited the whole band to her wedding bc they were her fam.

7. She shared cute childhood photos of lil Louis for us to cherish 4eva.

8. Her ongoing support for Louis gave him the strength and courage that he needed to keep going.

9. She inspired this epic, heart-wrenching track that we'll always play on repeat.

10. She gave birth to the man that brings happiness to millions of people and for that, we'll forever be grateful to Johannah <3.