’13 Reasons Why’ star Devin Druid gives major clue about season 2

Need. To. Know.

By Jessica Lynch

If you’ve seen Netflix’s ridiculously popular show ‘13 Reasons Why’, then you’d know it's heartbreaking ending left everyone, including the show’s own cast members, on the edge of their seats literally NEEDING to know what’ll happen next.

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With fan theories on season two currently spreading like wild fire across the net, even the show’s actors themselves have jumped on the bandwagon.

Now, if you haven’t finished the show, we’re going to suggest you STOP HERE to avoid any major spoilers…

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OK good.

So, if you’ve watched season one you’d know that something pretty heavy looked like it was about to go down involving troubled outcast Tyler Down and the stockpile of weapons he’d bought.

Well, when Tyler’s actor Devin Druid spoke to Seventeen Magazine, he dropped some major hints as to what all that might mean for next season.

"When I first read that Tyler bought a gun, I immediately freaked out because I was just so surprised. But when I read it again, I realized it wasn't so surprising. This is actually a perfectly natural place for his character to go after everything he's been through. I even saw some people on Twitter that were like, 'Oh, I called this for Tyler's character since episode three.' So this isn't a magical dream possibility. This is something that people can see as a natural place for him to go."

Fans seemed to be pretty spot on with this scenario, with many taking to Twitter with the same thoughts.

But what did each person actually do to get on Tyler’s list?

"There's this one scene with Marcus and Courtney where he's like, 'I know a lot more than just what's on the tapes. I see everything. I have pictures of everything.' And Marcus is like, 'What are you talking about?' and Tyler says something along the lines of, 'What have you done around here that you don't want anyone to know about? I take a lot of pictures,'" Devin dished to Seventeen.

Is he hinting that there could be more behind Hannah’s tragic death that meets the eye?

What are the others hiding??

Are there more secrets hiding among the halls of Liberty High?!

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So until we get a final answer on the future of 13 Reasons, you can find us trawling through the #13reasonswhy tag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr in order to fulfill our need for more episodes.