This 13-year-old girl is probs going to star in "High School Musical 4" and it's a major #throwback

Mini Vanessa Hudgens much?

By Bianca Mastroianni

High School Musical 4 might not be the same without the characters we know and love (Vanessa, Zac... we're lookin' at you).

BUT this recent ~rumour~ could ease the pain just a lil bit.

According to Just Jared Jr one of the leading roles could possibly go to this young starlet, Merit Leighton.

If she isn't an absolute clone of Vanessa Hudgens circa High School Musical 1 we'll eat our hat.

She has starred as the voice actor for Lucinda the Witch in Sofia the First, so skillz on point.

Merit could either end up playing Erin, Natalie or Tamara in the new HSM movie, and if you need a refresher then:

Erin: The only girl on the boy's soccer team.
Nathalie: The outgoing cheerleader who is totes caring.
Tamara: Former queen bee who wants to climb that social ladder to be the IT girl once more.

We can see her playing any of those roles TBH, but she hasn't officially confirmed anything yet.

Watch this space. XX