14 dos and don'ts of party season

As the year draws to a close and the festive season approaches (hello Secret Santa and Christmas cookies), we here at DOLLY HQ are buzzing with excitement. So, with Justin Bieber's 'Under the Mistletoe' on repeat, we thought we'd spill the 14 most important dos and don'ts of party season. Listen up...

Do plan ahead
Start thinking of presents for your family and friends throughout the year. You'll stress less and everyone likes a thoughtful gift better than a last minute voucher.

Don't overspend
Have a budget and stick to it. You can enjoy party season on any budget by saving money with DIY gifts like beauty treatments or arty crafts.

Do dress up!
Party season is the perfect excuse to glam up, right? Sequins, bright colours and quirky prints are all must-trys this season.

Don't go overboard
Ditch the polyester elf costume and sizzle in a red dress that captures the festive season instead.

Do make new friends
Party season is the perfect time to meet new people. Summer romance, anyone?

Don't go crazy at work Christmas parties
While your friends might find your impromptu chicken dance hilarious your boss might not be so impressed. Keep it classy!

Do ask out your crush
There's no time like the present and a cute date is the perfect accessory for the party season.

Don't forget to eat healthy and keep up your regular exercise
While performing the 'Single Ladies' dance with your bestie may count as cardio, it's still super important to continue your exercise routine during the holidays. That way you won't feel so bad about indulging with the never-ending leftovers of your Aunty's famous Christmas pudding.

Do create a party season playlist
We're big believers in getting in the mood for Christmas festivities here at DOLLY (we may or may not start playing carols in July...).

Don't dress inappropriately
Keep your new bandage mini for New Year's Eve and rock a pretty floral dress on family day instead.

Do start a Secret Santa group with your friends
Secret Santa is a fun way to exchange gifts and helps everyone save money over the holiday period.

Do get a summer job
A little extra cash doesn't hurt over the holiday season.

Don't bring uninvited guests without asking first
We get it, you totally want to bring that cute new boy to Nan's Christmas lunch. But remember it's polite to ask before you bring guests. Your host will probably be cool with it, they'll just appreciate knowing to set an extra place.

Do go to as many parties as you can
It only comes around once a year so don't miss the chance to fully enjoy the festive season!

What if...?
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