1D reveal what they'd really like for Christmas

What a 1D-ful time of the year.

Turns out the 1D boys aren’t expecting a lot from Santa this year, all they’d really like to see in their stocking is the everyday essentials.

While being interviewed in Mexico, the talk turned to holiday wish lists and when asked what their perfect gift would be Harry was quick to chime in “slippers!” as if he was a contestant on a Mexican game show and he’d be getting points for his speedy response.

Niall then turned the attention to his very fancy socks, even flashing a preview of his stripy/spotty combination for us all to enjoy. “I like funky socks,” he declared.

Even Liam seemed to be in awe of them. “Woooah! They’re really brave,” he shouted out, as if he’d only just discovered Niall likes fancy socks.

When Louis was asked what HE’D like to see under his tree, Niall’s lil' face lit up and he squirmed in his seat. He's really starting to get excited for Christmas, guys. (25 sleeps to go, Niall, hang in there babes).

It’s decided socks and undies are the ultimate gift for the lads.

“Especially over the last few years when we tour,” Niall explained. “You always want clean underwear and socks and stuff when you’re on tour so it’s nice to have people buying them for us.”

Harry then pipes up again and reminds us all that’d he’d REALLY like “a nice pair of slippers”.

For example...

But Liam is the hardest to buy for out of the lads, he’d like a boat... though he’d happily settle for socks with boats on them. Noted.

Thanks guys, we'll see if Santa can hook you up.

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