One Direction have been roasted by their fans and it’s 3000% worse than Mean Tweets

Nobody can drag them down…except the fandom

If you thought Mean Tweets were harsh, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

A pre-hiatus but ~fresh~ clip of One Direction reading out some shade has been featured in this week’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s epic Mean Tweets (see below.)

Like every episode, Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam read out the someone’s shady comment which made remarks about their ~greasy~ hair and too tight skinny jeans.

Rather than defend their idols (like most fandoms would), the 1D fam decided to outshine the mean tweeter and give the boys a proper old school roasting... and let’s just say things got pretty ~WiLD~.

Things started off on quite a chill note…

Sassy comments about Harold’s fashion chocies were made:

Naturally, his floral suit collection was a popular dig…

The fact that the boys haven’t finished school was also brought up:

Lil Nialler was a popular target during the roasting:



Nialler’s iconic “ahhhhh” note in the boys’ first performance was a hit:

Niall was only 17 years old when he sang 'aahhhh' on the x factor #1DROAST pic.twitter.com/hW1D3mBXhL

Absolutely savage:

Girlfriends of the past were mentioned…

When people outside of the fandom ~attempted~ to join in on the shade session, they were immediately directed to the nearest exist…

This is what happens when your idols go on hiatus le sigh

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