20 struggles you'll only understand if you have mega-big boobs

Your cleavage is like a black hole that sucks up any crumb EVER.

Last week we decided to dedicate a story to all you itty-bitty-titty-committee members, but girls on the other end of the spectrum who have to wear over-shoulder-boulder-holders we feel you too.

So this is for you, you big-breasted beauties.

Whether you possess big or small humps, you're ALL beautiful, but let's be real we all have our struggles...

1. Running? LOL JKS.

2. Trying to get down a set of stairs withOUT grabbing your titties is a NIGHTMARE!

3. And while we're on the topic, don't jump. Ever.

4. Forget those cute, lace bralettes that are all the rage. You're all about the support.

Image: brayola.com

5. Going braless is a massive no-no.

Image: celebuzz.com

6. Low-cut shirts make you look, er...questionable.

7. Trying to find a swimsuit that fits the top AND bottom will have you searching into another dimension.

8. Back aches for dayz.

9. Sunbathing/sleeping on your tummy might be the most comfortable thing in the world... apparently, so you've heard. Not like you'll ever know.

Image: imgur.com

10. Try hugging your small friend without them getting a face full of boob. Just try.

11. Forget wearing cross-over bag straps or even SEATBELTS god dammit.

12. OR long necklaces.

13. Getting a tight-fitted dress/top on over your breasts will literally have you feeling like you've just run a marathon.

14. Ditto for trying to get it off before crying and calling for Mum to pull it over your head.

15. Button-up shirts/jackets/blazers? Nah.

16. Those ~gorgeous~ backless tops and dresses are a thing of dreams.

Image: Pinterest

17. Eating toast results in crumbs falling down into the deep abyss of cleavage.

Image: quickmeme.com

18. You feverishly do boob exercises to prevent the sag that's inevitably coming.

19. You have toes?

20. Boob sweat.

But hey, if you're negging out on having mega-boobies then STAHP because there are definite upsides to this blessing.

Imagine NOT being able to feel that feeling of taking your bra off at the end of the day and letting the ladies loose?

Image: weknowmemes.com

Hello curves! You got junk in all the right places, and you can show it off.

You have ALL the extra storage in the world in that bra of yours to hide secret snacks and whatnot.

Love your boobies.

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