Here are the 3 things you’ll NEVER see in a Disney movie

Can you guess what they are?

By Isha Bassi

Disney films are known for being all warm and fuzzy.

In fact, we love grabbing a bunch of our tribe members together for a sleepover, some hot cocoa, and a kicker Disney-filled marathon.

The latest Disney flick to hit our screens is Pete’s Dragon, a movie about a 10-year old boy discovered alone living in the forest with his dragon, Elliot. Adorbz.

David Lowry, the director of Pete’s Dragon, has come out with a couple of ~interesting~ things to say about his contract that involves all Disney films...

Basically, he had to promise Disney that his film would not include any beheadings, impalement, or smoking.

Of course there are a couple of exceptions to the rule.

For smoking, if it’s presented in a negative light or if one of the characters in the film is a historical figure that was known to be a heavy smoker then that’s okay.

But any other time gets a huge NO NO from Disney.

The more you know, hey?

Pete’s Dragon hits Aussie cinemas on September 15. POP IT IN YA CALENDAR!