5 minutes with The Collective...

We caught up with the guys from The Collective about plans for new music, girls, crazy fans and more!

We caught up with the guys from The Collective about plans for new music, girls, crazy fans and more!

DOLLY: What the inspiration behind your new single, "Another Life"?

Will: It's basically about a relationship that goes wrong. The girl is kind of leading you on but your always running back to her, ‘til finally you realise it’s not going to work. You praying that in another life it will work [because it won’t] in this one.

D: How is it different from your last track?

Jayden: It's a very different sound, we kind of delivered a song off the show that was very pop, very teeny-bopper-ish. [For this one] we spent ages in the studio looking for a sound that actually suited us - it’s a bit more mature. It’s still pop but it’s got more of an R and B style which suited us a bit more. We’re getting closer to that style and I think "Another Life" has bought us closer.

D: Can we expect an album soon?

Jayden: There’s no actual word on an album but we are recording new music and its stuff that’s reminiscent of “Another Life” [with] new music as well.

D: You've got a bit of a new look happening, how is it different from your X-Factor days?

Trent: Oh yeah, look X-factor was hectic. It was out-there, theatrical but great.

Will: I guess when we dress-up we kind of have to match in some way, but we also have to look like we are performers so people look at you and go, “Oh, that’s a bit out there, I wonder what he does?"

D: Who's your dream colab?

Julian: I'm going to say Little Mix or Justin Bieber.

D: When you perform do you ever have a girl mind?

Zac: I perform for myself and everything that I stand for [with] music. We're always trying to better ourselves as a group [but] yeah we have everyone else in mind, like the fans [too]. It’s our job at the end of the day [to try] better ourselves and in-turn give back to the fans.

D: What's the craziest thing one of your fans has done?

Jayden: We've had some crazy stuff, mainly jumping through security guards and kissing us on the cheek. But, the craziest thing I've experienced was when we were in Canberra and a girl told us she got her friend to put her fingers in a door frame and slam it shut […] so she get out of rowing practice and see us. [I think she thought] I would be like "Oh that’s awesome" but I was so shocked!

D: Who gets the most girls numbers?

Zac: Not Zac, because everyone knows I'm taken.

Jayden: I tend to take on a lot of the things that [fans] bring to our gigs, I'll kind of take all the papers, but they're not directed at me.

D: Any plans to tour soon?

Zac: We really hope to tour by the end of the year, there's definitely talk about doing tour, but nothings confirmed yet. We're all excited for what’s to come.

D: What advice do you have for X-Factor contestants this season?

Will: There's nothing that can really prepare you for the journey that you are about to embark on. You kind of just have to take every day and remember at the end of the day as stressful as it can be you are doing what you love and working towards your dream so just be the best you can be.

D: Do you guys have a message for DOLLY readers?

All: We love you!

Jayden: Just a big thank you to DOLLY for chatting to us.

Will: Thank you for always supporting us, you guys support us a lot you know! Thank you [to our fans] for supporting us too.