5SOS reveal the one thing a girl can do to get their attention…

HINT: It involves Vegemite.

By Sammy Stewart

Not gonna lie, if you told us to wake up at 4:40AM we’d throw a pillow @ yr face and go back to sleep.

However if 5SOS and Vegemite are involved then hello morning let’s bounce outta bed.

Currently back home (YAS) DOLLY’s Sammy and Bianca were #BLESSED to spend their morning with Luke, Calum, Ashton, Michael, a whole lotta Vegemite and some of Australia’s legendary gold medallists.


During our chat with 5SOS, the boys revealed the one thing you can do to get their attention when they’re back for their tour in October.

SPOILER: It involves Vegemite.

Check out the greatest 3-minutes of your day/week/life above!