5 Seconds Of Summer answer your Q's

We caught up with Luke and Mikey and asked them YOUR questions.

Did you base the song ‘She Looks So Perfect’ on a girl? – Maddie.

Luke: “It wasn’t anyone in particular.”

Michael: “We were looking at different perspectives and I think Jake might have taken inspiration from his girlfriend.”

If you were a girl, which member of the band would you date? – Tahli.

Luke: “I feel like I’m about to say Michael because he’s staring at me right now. So I’m going to say Michael.”

Michael: “I’m going to say Luke.”

Luke: “I feel like Michael would have colourful hair and that’s cool on a girl”

Michael: “I will treat you well. I will wine and dine the crap out of you. Luke would probably be unaffectionate, unloving, boring and mean. [Laughs]”

Luke: “Pretty much.”

If you could have any band as a support act, who would you choose? – Pippa.

Michael: “Anyone nice.”

Luke: “Anyone who puts up with us.”

If you could eat a colour, which one would you eat? – Chloe.

Michael: “For some reason I think purple will really nice.”

Luke: “Yeah, maybe blue.”

When will Michael buy some new jeans? – Sarah

Michael: “I actually bought some today. I was walking around having big meetings with important people with a bit hole in my crotch. I was really hoping that no one was looking so I tried to keep my legs together but I think they saw it and now they think I’m weird. I am weird.”

What was your favourite memory from 1D’s *Take Me Home* tour? – Sienna

Luke: “The biggest show we plated was Hershey. We got to play to 30,000 people in the day time when the sun was setting.”

Michael: “I liked it when we came back to Sydney and played at Allphones Arena. That was the first time my parents got to see me play [at a big concert.]”

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has done to get your attention? – Emilia.

Luke: “I saw someone wearing a unicorn mask yesterday.”

Michael: “People have dressed up as assorted fruits, in onesies. I think dressing up is awesome. It’s not weird, it gets out attention. You’ve succeeded. It’s a cool thing.”