5SOS’ interview with the cast of Star Wars is adorkably hilarious

5 Seconds of Star Wars.

If you thought YOU were a fangirl, wait til you see Calum, Mikey, Luke and Ashton confronted with the actual cast of Star Wars.

A week ago we were #blessed with these AH-mazing photos of 5SOS dressed as characters from Star Wars but now WE HAVE AN INTERVIEW.

In preparation for their ~journalism debut~, Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton spent a solid couple of hours in hair and makeup dressing up as the actual characters, looking legit enough for Comic Con cosplay, but not quite official enough to be interviewing.

Some of the other highlights?

~Ashton wearing hi-heeled white latex boots like a PRO.

~Michael saying straight off the bat, “Hello, we’re 5 seconds of summer we’ve never done an interview before congratulations on the movie”, like a nervous fanboy.

~Calum speaking in Shyriiwook.

~ Luke looking out-of-this-world-level hot as Luke Skywalker.

Watch this hilarious clip and may the force be with you.

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