5SOS’ Luke Hemmings wrote “Castaway” on the toilet

Of course he did.

In today’s 5SOS news, we bring to you the exiting revelation of how Luke Hemmings thought of the foot-tapper tune "Castaway."

~SpOiLeR~ It involves a toilet.

In a new Twitter video, Mikey, Luke and Cal are filming themselves rocking out to "Castaway", having little dance, when Mikey (after complimenting Luke’s ~fLaWleSs~ complexion), asks Luke an important request, “Luke, tell your story really fast.”

“The tune actually came when I was peeing in the toilet and I recorded it on my phone… in the background.”

So basically, the WOOOooWOOOOooWOOOoOOoO part.

Yep, written while in the toilet. Amazing, YAS?

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Basically, it’s like one of those ~anonymous~ pages that you make about your school on Facebook that often get shut down once the teachers find out about it (LOLZ.)

Here’s a sample, (WARNING: It gets very real.)

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