5SOS changed their band name and it's much funny

#Replace5SOSLyricsWithDoge is the best thing that's happened to us this week.

Pop stars have crazy power and we like how they use it in various ways. For example, while Glinda the Good Taylor Swift over there is going head to head with Apple, 5 Seconds of Summer have managed to make their entire fandom go "doge" crazy by changing their name to Doge SOS and doing an entire Twitter makeover dedicated to that of the famous Doge meme:

Naturally, this caused their fans to follow suit, and start The Best Hashtag Ever™ with #Replace5SOSLyricsWithDoge, which followed the #DogeFamily hashtag. SO MANY HASHTAGS, GUYZ.

Anyway, here are some of our faves. We wanted to include them all 'cos we've literally been sat at our desk crying tears of joy into our tea: