Hailey Baldwin denies going on a date with 5SOS’ Luke Hemmings


Even though he’s dating Arzaylea, people still seem to think that Luke Hemmings is dating every female on Earth.

A couple of weeks back, Luke and Ashton were spotted entering Kendall Jenner’s apartment and later leaving with Hailey Baldwin.

Naturally you can imagine what happened next... #married #datingconfirmed #relationshipgoals

After keeping things hush for the past couple of weeks, Hailey Baldwin apparently tweeted (and later deleted) a reassuring statement that she 100% didn’t go on a date with the Hemster.

"I never went on a date with Luke from 5 seconds of summer," she wrote in a now-deleted tweet. "so if everyone wants to chill that’d be dope."

Well that's that then.

biggest sigh of relief of all time

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