5SOS have FINALLY joined Snapchat and their fans literally can’t

Everything you need to know about 5SOS’s new Snapchat

5SOS fans can now carry Ashton, Calum, Michael and Luke around in their pocket, handbag or on their bedside table.

That’s right y’all. 5 Seconds of Summer have joined the world of Snapchat and the fandom honestly has lost all chill.

More importantly, the band’s username is “weare5sos” and so far the guys have really embraced the different lenses, made some terrible jokes and tackled Calum to the floor several times.


Calum has also taken this opportunity to show the world that he truly is the one-true-drummer of 5SOS...

Calum back in his zone as the true 5SOS drummer #5SOSSnapchat || @5SOSUpdatesGR pic.twitter.com/fkKJeYVn4k

Aside from taking over Snapchat, your ~21st Century Band~ has been hanging out in their homeland promoting their upcoming albumSounds Good Feels Good, as well as preparing for their upcoming gig on Sunrise.

Already fans have started camping a night in advance in Federation Square in Melbourne, so shoutout to all the office workers because y’all ain’t going to get any work done in the morning if 5SOS are in town.


Until tomorrow morning, or ya know, when 5SOS next update their Snapchat (not that we keep refreshing our story feed or anything), let this give you life for the next few hours: