Michael Clifford explains what really happened with Abigail Breslin and THAT song

'Did she win an award for worst song ever?"- Courtesy of Ashton Irwin

A couple of months back, Scream Queens starlet Abigail Breslin who plays Chanel #5 dipped her foot into the music industry. Although she had a pretty singing voice and clearly is very talented, her song titled “You Suck” was pretty much a verbal attack towards 5SOS’s Michael Clifford.

Earlier this month Abigail spoke to Kyle and Jackie O and denied it being written about Michael, however the lines about “bleached hair”, “tattoos” and “his band” all kinda point to Mikey.

While 5SOS were hanging down under last week, they popped by the Kyle and Jackie O Show, and Mikey finally explained what went on between him and Abigail while Ashton – somehow being an expert on the dating shenanigans of his band mate- acted as his spokesperson, and yes, it was HILARIOUS.

"GUYS, this is like a year and a half old, we need to move on!," Mikey said with an eye roll.

“It's just REALLY awkward."

Fair enough, Mikey.

Not long after the subject was brought up, the rest of the boys joined in on the interview when Ashton oh-so-casually chimed in with, “did she win an award for worst song ever?"


While the interviewer was throwing quite a bit of shade towards Abigail, Michael being the total gentleman that he is just cleared up what really happened from his perspective. “Literally we went to dinner one time and she...I can't, I can't!”

"He can't bear the pain!" Ashton added, being the ~love expert~ that he happens to be.

“No, I feel bad man. “ Mikey said. “It's pretty awkward."


Ashton once again chimed in with, “Oh yeah, it’s so awkward.”

face palm

Clearly both Michael and Abigail have put all the drama behind them and are both #winning in their careers.

Check out, what might be one of the funniest (and most awkward) 5SOS interviews of all time above!