5SOS’ Michael Clifford says Taylor Swift blocked his number

The rest of the boys also reveal their ~dream dates~

While we were jamming out to Sounds Good, Feels Good with our dogs over the weekend, 5SOS put on a free concert in the Hollywood Bowl, met Oprah and had a super revealing interview where Michael revealed this crucial detail...



We’ll get to all of that in a minute but first off, the guys revealed to Miss Vogue who their dream dates would be. (Funnily enough they didn’t say us.)

"The blue avatar! I'd love to go on a bow and arrow date with her," Ashton said before Calum added, “"That was my first ever crush too!"

TBH she is gorgeous.

For Mikey, it seems he has a thing for red heads…and tails, "Ariel - I'd take her for fish and chips." Not sure how that’s going to work out babes, but fingers crossed.

Luke on the other hand revealed that he recently met his crush:"Luke managed to start a rumour a couple of years ago that he texted Oprah all the time and there was this media frenzy about what he was texting her about." Ashton said on Luke’s behalf.

"Yeah and you guys will never know whether it was true or not..." Luke added mysteriously.

On the topic of famous people, the boys were asked to see who the most famous person in their phone was, which made Mikey say, "Taylor Swift's blocked my number!"

We love you Tay, but WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!

Is that because you were texting her all the time?!", Ashton enquired, but TBH if Michael was texting us all the time we’d be so okay with that.

Late last year Taylor and Michael seemed to become good pals, after this adorable little exchange over twitter where they became “Twitter BFFLS”.

Heck, TayTay even invited Mikey to her birthday party and gave her a giant teddy bear </3

No idea what happened there… but on a happier note, Ashton added that he and Luke have plans to get a lad’s pad.

"I'm looking to get a place of my own soon, now I'm 21. I think me and Luke might get a place together, and anyone else who wants to join! So that'll be really cool."

Um, where do we submit out applications??