5SOS want you to know their new album is out in Austria, wait no, Australia

The boys take to Snapchat to let the world know Sounds Good Feels Good is out now!

That niche little alt/rock band we’re quite fond of from down the road, 5 Seconds of Summer, you might have heard of them (?), have a brand new album out today, and we’re pretty excited.

Michael, Calum, Luke and Ashton have been preparing out mind, bodies and souls for Sounds Good, Feels Good for about a solid year now, teasing us with epic graffiti art around the world and dropping a tapper of a tune every now and again.

The day has finally arrived and because they’re a 21st century band and all that, they’ve taken to Snapchat to let the world know!

First up, Mikey and Luke let their Austrian fans know the album was out...

Ashton then clarified that he did in fact mean Australia (easy mistake LOL) while en route to the Ellen show.

Cos he's amazing, Ashton then Snapchatted LIVE from the Ellen show

He then shared this very flattering Selfie, which is now our phone's wallpaper:

Okay, so that’s enough jibber jabber from us. What are you waiting for, GO AND LISTEN TO IT.

Maybz not while you’re in class or in school assembly and what not, but you get the drift.

~It’s AMAZING~ (our fave is Invisible FYI)