5SOS are NOT happy their new single was leaked

Four DAYS before its offish release.

By Amber Manto

The 5SOS fandom is clearly bored or some clever muffin just wanted to prove just how clever they really are – and that they did.

This fan was so keen to hear the boys’ new song Girls talk Boys that’ll be on the Ghostbusters soundtrack, that they hacked into the 5SOS music database (is that even a thing?!) and whacked it up somewhere on the interwebz for us all to enjoy.

The boys took to Snappy to let everyone know just how “sad” they were about the whole thing. Ashton went with the crocodile tears and odd American accent, Mikey just swore repeatedly and Calum, well, he sound like a troll who belongs under a bridge and shouts at billy goats (check it out above). Luke was clearly so inconsolable that he didn’t even make a Snapchat.

Fans were divided, with some jumping online to have a cheeky listen, while others wanted to wait for the offish release date out of #respect for the boys.

Pretty soon the hashtag #GirlsTalkBoys was trending and we reckon it was cause of the boys' amazing acting skillz more than anything... ~cough~.

At least everyone is srsly pumped for when it does come out officially – which is this Thursday, July 14 FYI, to coincide with the release Ghostbusters.

Our ears are ready.