5SOS are still talking about Nick Jonas, he’s their “Queen”

Dang, they’re REALLY are obsessed with Nick J.

5 Seconds of Summer keep bring up Nick Jonas and we don’t know why, but it’s hilarious.

After expressing their interest in taking Nick Jonas to formal, Calum, Ashton, Luke and Michael have now assigned themselves the leaders of Nick J’s personal cheer squad.

On the red carpet for the AMAs earlier this week, 5SOS were being interviewed, like norm, about their upcoming movie, their tour and all things 5SOS.

Halfway through the interview Calum randomly, legit out-of-nowhere starts gushing about how amazing Nick is.

“I feel like we’re doing press for Nick Jonas just because we love Nick Jonas so much,” Cal explains with all his heart <3.


Mikey then gushes about Nick’s smile, body, his laugh, until Ashton pretty much sums it all up with this iconic statement, “We’ve been referring to him as our Queen. Nick is our Queen. We like him”

The Nick J. lovefest doesn’t stop there…

Before they're forced to stop talking about Nick, Ashton makes sure to let you know that Nick’s latest single “Levels” is now available to download on iTunes.

With all this love going around, we seriously hope that it turns into an epic 5SOS x Nick J. collab down the track.

le sighs

We love these guys.

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