5SOS talk girls and love

Our February DOLLY cover stars talk kissing, Valentine’s Day and dating fans.

We caught up with the super amazing 5SOS to talk all things lurrrve. Michael, Luke, Ashton and Calum all spilled on girls, first dates and smooching!

Do you kiss on the first date?
Ashton: “It’s a kiss on the cheek from me.”
Michael: “I give them a big hug and then wait to see what she does next.”
Calum: “It depends how the date goes, I think. If I really like a girl, I probably wouldn’t kiss her on the first date.”
Luke: “It’d be a full-on smooch for me, definitely. For every date!”

What qualities do you look for in a girlfriend?
Calum: “I like a girl who’s quirky, funny and slightly weird. We’re weird guys, so it needs to be balanced out.”
Luke: “[I want] a girl with good sense of humour who doesn’t take herself seriously. Australians are naturally sarcastic. Witty jokes work really well with me.”
Ashton: “Character is very important for me, so I look for someone who’s 
quite confident and interesting.”
Michael: “My dream girl would be super funny, weird and caring! I don’t know if I’ve met her yet, but then again, maybe I have and just haven’t known it.”

OK, now spill. What’s your policy on dating 5SOS fans?
“Yes, I would date a fan. People talk about fans like they’re mystical creatures, but they’re just normal people.”
Michael: “For sure, I’d definitely date a fan; it would be like dating someone who likes your music and that would be awesome.”
“Yeah, it’s a bonus if your girlfriend likes your music, definitely not a downfall.”
“Yes, I agree with the boys. If they like our music, that would be a bonus.”

Where would you take a girl on a Valentine’s Day date?
Ashton: “I like the beach at night-time. That’s one of my favourite places ever.”
Michael: “I’d pick something like going to see Spider-Man at the movies.”

The February issue of DOLLY with 5SOS on the cover is out now.