5SOS voted Worst Band at NME Awards

And Luke and Ashton reacted to the news in the BEST possible way…

Sooo shock horror, not EVERYONE is a fan of 5SOS. Crazy, we know. Like do these people even like music? And who is on this judging panel anyway?! Obvs people who have no appreciation for the finer things in life.

Anyhoo, in case you missed it 5SOS won the Worst Band Award at the NME Awards.

And the boys took it surprisingly well with Michael even tweeting about the win.

“Won the NME worst band award,” he said.

“I'm so damn happy right now. Thx to everyone who voted #dreamscomingtrue.”


Luke and Ashton decided to show the world how undeserving they were of the award by posting a video that let their talents speak for themselves.

Luke asked Ashton to, “Play something incredible,” and Ashton being ever so obliging, banged away on his drum kit in a way that would put Ringo Starr to shame.

On ‘ya boys – bring home a GRAMMY for us instead next time though won’t you, pretty please?