7 ~secrets~ behind One Direction’s music videos

We are still SHOOK about #6 to this day.

By Matt Galea
7 ~secrets~ behind One Direction’s music videos

As a band, the guys of One Direction are known for their over-the-top, always memorable music videos. From dressing up in elaborate costumes, to bringing the laughs and showing their goofy sides, to hitting fans right in the heartstrings, they did it all. So when the actual ending to their 'History' music video was released, we couldn't help but wonder what other secrets about their videos were out there, and we found some super interesting tidbits that only Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and even Zayn Malik only knew. Until now.

1. Louis' driving halted the production of 'What Makes You Beautiful.'

The shots of Louis Tomlinson driving the guys around in 'What Makes You Beautiful' almost had to be cut out because of the police.

"The cops were saying 'Hold on,' and I’m telling them to go. Literally, [the officers] came up, and they were screaming at us, and they walked away and we all laughed inside the car. I was like, 'Look guys, we have to pay attention to them because if they shut us down, we can’t use the highway,'" John Urbano, the director of the video revealed.

As it turns out, Louis was driving way too slow by traffic law standards, but it was because John was filming the driving scenes from the backseat of the car, instead of filming the typical way of hooking up the car to a trailer in front that would pull it along.

2. You only ever see the boys with a love interest once.

And speaking of 'WMYB', Harry Styles was the only 1D singer to have a "love interest" in this vid, making it the only time any of the guys ever have some sort of romantic plotline in any of their music videos. This is most likely because this is something people just didn't want to see.

Madison McMillin was the model who played Harry's leading lady, but she admitted that after the video came out, she found herself on Directioners' radar, but they weren't always nice to her. There were even fake social media accounts created for her!

3. It took Niall, Louis and Zayn 3 to 4 hours to change into their alter egos for the 'Best Song Ever' video.

The scenes in 'Best Song Ever' that featured the guys and their alter egos had to be filmed twice.

Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik spent three to four hours getting prepped in hair and makeup for their characters they brought to life, but that was only part of what took so long. Harry Styles explained that the video was shot over a few days, since it look a while to do the scenes twice in order to play opposite themselves.

"It was a funny shooting schedule, just because none of it was in chronological order, it was shooting completely different bits of it so it that worked to being [each] character, and then going back to being ourselves," Harry said.

"We played opposite ourselves quite a bit without actually being there," Niall added. "It's weird, [you're] there in the room twice."

4. There was only 1 lucky lady in the 'Perfect' music video.

Dana Mathews, an editor at GQ, was the only girl in the "Perfect" music video and she spilled all about what it was like filming her brief scene with the guys and how they all indulged in a very specific cookie while on set, and Harry did something he probably wasn't supposed to do.

"They had an entire floor to themselves. We shot the scene several times, with them coming in and giving me a hug. I got lots of hugs. Then we all sat around the table. There were tiny sandwiches, and the boys were eating Mint Milanos," she said. "I can't believe they included the part where Harry covered my eyes — that was definitely not planned."

5. Danny DeVito has admitted that he initially had zero interest in starring in the 'Steal My Girl' video.

The 'Steal My Girl' video features legendary actor, Danny DeVito and the actor admitted that he totally wasn't interested in starring in it and he doesn't listen to the guys' music.

"I have many, many young kids in my family who would just beat me up if I didn't do [the video]," he said to The Sun. "I saw it as an opportunity to take a picture of them with Troll Foot. That's what I did!"


But overall, Danny said he has the best time.

"I was flattered and I was really happy to go do it. It was a ball," he said.

6. An 'Infinity' music video was filmed but never released.

There is an entire music video fans have never seen.

The guys recorded a video for the song 'Infinity', which was slated to be a single off their Made In the A.M. album. But they ended up scrapping that idea, in favour of making 'History' a single which they made a video for. Some of the footage for 'Infinity' is out there, but ti's all fans will ever get.

7. Louis scored free cab rides after the 'Midnight Memories' video.

Louis Tomlinson got himself free cab rides for a year because of the 'Midnight Memories' music video.

In the song and video, Louis gives a shout-out to the London cab company Addison Lee, so they offered up their services to him, free of charge.

Source: M-Magazine.
Author: Jennifer Maldonado.