7 times Sophiam totally won us over on social media

Seriously you guys, this is all too much…

We've been following the movements of Liam Payne and his girlfriend, Sophia Smith since #Sophiam became a thing, but their latest Insta post got us thinking that maybe they're our favourite OTP in Celebsville. Big call, we know! But let us explain further with seven times they totally stole our hearts on social media.

  1. When Liam posted this clip of him and Sophia re-enacting the classic Friends Rachel and Ross "We were on a break" scene using Dubsmash. Watch it at the bottom of this story, and prepare for megalolz.

  1. When Liam acted like a total knight in shining armour and defended Sophia on Twitter when she was trolled by a 1D fan. #dreamy

  1. When Sophia shared THIS pic on her Instagram account and captioned it: "Je t'aime mon amour," which translates to "I love you, my love." Those aren't tears, it's eyeball sweat, we swear!

  1. When footage was leaked of Liam singing happy birthday to Sophia for her 21st birthday. <3 <3 <3

  1. When Sophia posted this black-and-white photo of Liam on Insta and captioned it with a simple heart-eyed face and heart-shape emoji. Dyyying.

  1. When Sophia reminded us how ridiculously attractive they are as a couple. We can already SEE the beautiful babies (and no we haven't been fooling around on Photoshop... much. DON'T JUDGE US!)

  1. You know it's real love when everyday little things remind you of your BF, like the time when Sophia 'grammed this Coca-Cola bottle. Awww.

Seriously guys, you're going to give us palpatations if you keep tugging at our heart strings like this!