'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller has already had a fight in prison

Uh oh!

By Jessica Lynch

She’s used to beefing with her dancers and their ‘rents on Dance Moms, but it sounds like prison is a whooole other kettle of fish for Abby Lee Miller.

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After the reality star danced off to jail a few weeks back for fraud, it seems she’s already gotten herself into a bit of trouble, after Radar revealed that the 50-year-old had already gotten into a fight with another inmate.

TBF, it wasn’t, like, a full on Orange is the New Black-style shiv fight where prisoners are pulled off each other by guards. More of an exchange of words – but still.

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“Abby Lee was involved in a shouting match with another inmate on Saturday morning,” a prison source told Radar. “The woman shouted at her that ‘She ain’t s--t!”

Apparently, since her arrival insiders say that the former dance teacher has cried ’non-stop’ and hasn’t bothered befriending fellow inmates.

“The woman Abby got into the argument with was just tired of seeing and hearing her cry in the multi-room,” the source told Radar. “Although neither one of them got an infraction, it did cause a stir and counsellors came into the room to intervene. But by then the tiff was already over,” hey said, adding, “All she really does is sit in her bunk, read trashy romance novels that she got from the library and sob!”

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