Abigail Breslin to star as Baby in the "Dirty Dancing" remake!

No-one leaves Chanel #5 in the corner!

If cry with excitement every time a good ol’ film is announced as the Saturday night TV movie, and are just as obsessed with Scream Queens as we are then boy do we have the best news for you today!

You ready for this? Breeeeaathhee.....

Chanel #5, aka Abigail Breslin, has officially signed on the dotted line to star as Baby (the role made famous by Jennifer Grey) in the TV remake of the 80's classic flick, Dirty Dancing.

No news yet on which network it’ll air on, or who will play Patrick Swayze’s character dance instructor Johnny Castle – or any other cast member for that matter. But still, YASS!

This three-hour Lionsgate-produced redo is going to be adapted for TV by producer Jessica Sharzer (from American Horror Story) and Eleanor Bergstein, screenwriter for the original film.

The storyline will pretty much be the same as the original and will centre around Baby, who plays an innocent girl in the '60s who attends a summer resort with her ~wealthy~ parents. She ends up falling for the not-so-rich dance instructor, Johnny, who has all the right moves.

Well done Abigail, you better start practising this lift! <3 <3 <3

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