ALERT: Liam Payne is about to drop new solo music

Good news, Liam girls!

By Matt Galea
Liam Payne is about to drop new solo music

In what feels like FOREVER since One Direction went on hiatus, us Liam girls have been waiting with bated breath for Daddy to drop his solo tunes.

Last year, Payno signed to Capitol Records and has since been spotted numerous times in the studio.

He also collabed with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J on a tracked called 'You’ which leaked early, much to Liam’s annoyance.

But in terms of a solo single or album, there has been no word… until now!

In a new interview, British singer Conor Maynard announced that he has written some tunes for the boy band member and he even revealed the musical ~direction~ that he will be taking.

“He is taking the R&B route. By what I’ve heard it is very much that style. I heard tracks he has been sent to record for it and they’re good,” Conor revealed of his long-time friend.

“I haven’t actually spoken to him in a while, I don’t know how close he is to finishing his stuff but I don’t think it will be long now. The guys I’m working with have sent off tracks to him that he’s heard, he might not know it was me who wrote it though.”

Um, exciting!

This news comes just after it was reported that Liam’s band mate, Harry low-key ~might~ be releasing new music V soon.

Just IMAGINE if they both released singles at the same time and had to compete with each other!

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Liam obvs has his hands full with becoming a father soon, but we hope that he can spare some time to get some new tunes to us asap.

We miss that sweet, sweet voice!

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