Anna Kendrick has just landed an *amazing* new role


By Bianca Mastroianni
Anna Kendrick to play Santa Clause in Disney film

You may have Christmas fatigue, but in no time you're going to be missing those holiday tunes and well, the food and presents.

Not to mention Christmas films, basically the best thing to hit the screens let's be real. But your view on Christmas and more importantly Santa Clause may change very soon, as Anna Kendrick is in talks to play Santa in an upcoming Disney film.

According to Variety, the film is currently titled Nicole and it will tell the story of Santa's daughter. She takes over the fam business of gift-giving after her father decides it's time to retire.

We're freaking loving this ~gal~ spin on the classic TBH!

And as for their choice of Anna Kendrick, well she already SLEIGHS. SORRY, sorry. Had to.