Another Kardashian has been robbed

And the fam are seriously freaked out!

By Matt Galea
Another Kardashian has been robbed

The Kardashian Klan really aren’t having a lot of luck, are they?

Just months after Kim Kardashian’s armed robbery in Paris, the family’s DASH store on Melrose Ave has been robbed.

TMZ have reported that a woman stole loads of clothing and perfume from the popular store and took off in a silver sedan.

The stolen goods are valued at around $1,600 and so far local police have been unable to find the culprit.

The shocking robbery comes just as 17 suspects were arrested in connection to Kim’s horrific robbery in Paris.

Poor Kimmy will now have to relive her nightmare and identify the culprits of last year’s robbery while dealing with the robbery of her store.

Can’t everyone just leave the Kardashians alone!?

Stop being jel, plz.