Are Kendall and Kylie at war?

It seems the dynamic duo are feuding and the claws really came out during Fashion Week.

We’ve seen them grow up with the occasional sibling spat, but are Kylie and Kendall finally having a fully-fledged fight?

According to reports, the sisters are “nowhere near as close as they used to be”, and apparently it all comes down to sister rivalry…

“Kendall has a real career and is making an insane amount of money... Kylie thinks she’s become super arrogant," a source revealed to OK! magazine.

It seems like the claws have been out for a while now, as it is revealed the girls had their biggest fight during Fashion Week when Kylie was walking for Kanye West’s fashion show.

It seems like the claws first came out during Fashion Week when Kylie modelled brother-in-law Kanye West’s designs, which we have to admit, weren’t the most flattering pieces of clothing...

Hmm, yeah we might give that trend a miss.

“Kylie was in a foul mood because she was uncomfortable with the outfit that Kanye had chosen for her especially the hat.”

The source revealed, “And she hated her makeup — she wanted to wear dark lipstick, but it was banned."

Kendall reportedly offered her sister some modelling tips and explained that she “doesn’t always feel pretty when she’s working and that’s a part of the art.”

But it seems that Kendall’s advice didn’t go down so well with her sis. “It rubbed Kylie the wrong way and she exploded, yelling, calling Kendall a know-it-all and telling her to back off. The whole place fell silent,” the source added.


We’ve gotta admit we do love a bit of celeb drama, but we really don’t want these two to fall apart.

After all, you can’t have Kendall and Kylie without one or other. The dynamic duo in the past have lent their team efforts to write a book, design shoes, clothes, and have even had multiple rumoured spinoffs.

Girls, we get that being part of the Kardashian Klan comes with a lot of pressure, but please don't make us have to pick sides.

  • Words: Samantha Stewart*