Are Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower dating again?

OTP alert

Are Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower dating again?

There must be something in the magical waters of Tinseltown because there’s a lot of lurrrve in the air at the mo.

Firstly, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are rumoured to have rekindled their romance (PHEW) after they were spotted grocery shopping together, and now the latest couple said to be making googly eyes at each other are Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower.


The two dated for a year before breaking up in 2013, and now The Mortal Instruments actors have been serenading one another on guitar and hanging out in the English countryside which makes us think they're back on.

Let us present the evidence.

cue the drum roll

Lily posted these not-so-subtle pics on her Insta account (we know for a fact they're Jamie's hands because the internet).

She captioned this one with: "Some things strike a chord so strong..."

"That they leave a constant melody playing in your head..."

Which practically spells out L-O-V-E.

Next up, the pair posted his-and-her matching photos.

This is Jamie's version...

And Lily's:

Lily wrote: "Somewhere off the beaten track, the journey continues."

I mean Jeez Louise guys, you may as well hire a plane and spell it out in the sky that you're back together.

OK, OK, we admit they COULD be just hanging out as friends (exes can do that, right?) but they make such a cute couple we can’t help but wish that they've reunited.

Plus, no-one can deny the HA-UGE amount of chemstry between them...

Now where is our dang desk fan?