Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks back together despite Nathan Sykes cheating scandal

Its official! Ariana Grande is back with her not-so-ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks.

Its official! Ariana Grande is back with her not-so-ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, let’s re-cap. When Jai and Ariana broke up in 2013, Jai had a mega Twitter rant about how he believed Ariana cheated on him and left him for another guy, that guy being The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes.

Ariana defended and denied the rumours hitting back saying Jai was using her as a publicity stunt. Heavy!

 Ariana with ex-beau Nathan Sykes
Ariana with ex-beau Nathan Sykes

The tension between the ‘Problem’ singer and the Aussie Janoskian prankster escalated when she actually started dating Nathan in August last year.

Naturally, we assumed a reconciliation between Jariana was totally, like never again, out of the question. But boy did they prove us wrong! It’s pretty obvs now that they have re-kindled the romance and moved past the whole ordeal after a very short 6 months apart. Why, you ask? Because they were snapped locking lips backstage after Ariana’s performance at theiHeart Radio Awardslast Thursday!

A source told US Weekly: “They have been seeing each other daily for a while now. He apologised for making up all the lies about her cheating and they are back!

“They are together and very happy.”

Not long ago rumours circulated of a Jariana reunion after some Twitter affection was exchanged between the young couple.

Jai Tweeted a series of Emoji faces all with hearts in their eyes, and around 12 minutes later Ariana posted an Emoji Tweet of her own. The Tweet included a boy and girl kissing, a girl thinking about a boy, the night skies and a heart. How cryptic!

We definitely think they were secretly working things out before their relationship accidently went public last week, the kiss was just confirmation Jariana is back!

How do you guys feel about the Jariana reunion?