Newsflash: Ariana Grande and ex-BF Nathan Sykes DON’T still talk

Unless Nathan is being catfished by an Ariana impersonator (unlikely)…

Newsflash: Ariana Grande and ex-BF Nathan Sykes DON’T still talk

Break-ups are awkward at the best of times but are obviously made a billion times worse when your ex-boyfriend blabs about you to the media. I mean, don't you just hate when that happens? Worst.

To catch you up to speed, Ariana's ex-boyfriend Nathan Sykes has been shooting his mouth off around town about how he and Ariana are still on good terms and talk all the time.

"Yeah, of course. When some things don't work out they don't work out. Long distances and stuff like that," Nath spilled about his close friendship to Ari.

He even 'fessed up that one of his songs was inspired by the pop princess.

"One of the songs is about Ariana. She hasn't heard it yet. Knowing Ari she'll corner me the next time we bump into each other and demand I play her the song," he told the Daily Star.

But apparently one of Ariana's good friends has come forward and revealed that her and Nathan don't actually speak. Like ever.

Well, this is super awkward.

"We're all really confused as to why Nathan keeps saying that he and Ariana talk so much", her friend revealed.

"They don't talk to each other at all."

Now we don't know who we believe, so we'll just sit quietly over in the corner and wait for this whole debacle to blow over...