Ariana Grande has been photographed covered in cuts and bruises

But don’t worry, guys, it was just for TV. PHEW.

Err, not to alarm you but some pretty scary-looking photos of Ariana Grande surfaced:

At first we were all:

But then we looked a little closer and realised that she was actually in-between takes while filming Scream Queens. So phew for that.

Ari plays a character called Chanel who’s in the Kappa sorority who we imagine are like the Plastics on campus.

Also starring in Scream Queens is all of Hollywood Nick Jonas, Emma Roberts, Lea Michel, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin and Jamie Lee-Curtis. No big deal.

Word has it that Ariana looks up to Lea Michele who has been dishing out relationship advice like the love guru that she is.

"Ariana has been getting tons of support from her Scream Queens co-stars, especially Lea. Ariana looks up to her like a big sister and really trusts her input," a spy source told Hollywood Life.

"Lea also has a lot of spiritual and inspirational self-help books on the set, like The Law of Attraction by Ester Hicks and The Four Agreements. She's been sharing her books with Ariana and that's been really helpful as well."

runs to the nearest book store

In other major Ariana news, the star ditched her signature pony in favour of a new 'do.

She will now be rockin' the stage with the classic fringe and bob combo. Only playing. So you can stop trying to hunt down her hair on eBay to try and achieve THAT ponytail.

Ariana, clearly a fan of the look captioned the pic with: "The worrrrrst wigs ever. #welovethem."

Now hurry up already Scream Queens.