Ariana Grande has been cast for this iconic role and you may die

From one Nickelodeon star to the other.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Not too long ago NBC made the announcement Hairspray was being turned into a musical, and it was a good day for all.

But trying to imagine Amanda Bynes in her original role as Penny alongside Zac Efron was a thought we don't want to revisit in our head.

When we did try to think about who could fill the role, we came up with 5000 results. Luckily NBC made it way easier for us and went ahead and cast the kween of all kweens Ariana Grande.


Clearly, Ari was just as excited as us because her tweet says it all:

Can you just imagine the cute little pigtails and uniform she's going to be rocking for the show?

Her enthusiasm is inspired.

The show will air on NBC December 7 this year.