Ariana Grande looks completely different in her new film clip for "Dangerous Woman"

We dig.

We ~lurves~ Kween Ariana's mega-banger Dangerous Woman so naturally when the film clip was released we ran to our computers to watch it over and over again.

However there were two major things we couldn't help but notice... her signature high pony and cat eye have gone wondering off and are nowhere to be found.

NGL we are totally into this new-look Ari; stripped back and ~bare~ works for her.

Many fans also noticed a curious little "Visual 1" in the film clip's title which had us all scratchin' our heads, wondering what that could mean...

Ari, you're just the gift that keeps on giving... will the pony come back into play?

What about the cat eye?

Why is everybody coming out with two different film clips for one song all of a sudden?

That's a whole lotta budget, just sayin'. XX

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