Ariana Grande's 'Dangerous Woman' tour is in danger...

Attack of the poor ticket sales :(

By Sammy Stewart

Ariana Grande is set to kick off her North American Dangerous Woman tour with Little Mix in early 2017, however thinks aren't looking so good...

Tickets for Ari's third headlining tour went on sale over the weekend. Babes was set to perform 36 shows between February 2 and April 15th, however PerezHilton.com has discovered that tix just aren't selling like hotcakes.

For example, here's the forum in LA (FYI, Grey is good, blue is bad.)

Via PerezHilton.com
Via PerezHilton.com

Then there's Vancouver:

And Orlando...

Majority reckons Ari's $$$ prices are the reason for the poor ticket sales, with the costs rangng from $56 to $1800.

Let's hope Ari hears our prayers.