This Ariana Grande doppelgänger is the greatest thing you'll see all day

She basically Punk'd an entire theme park.

By Bianca Mastroianni

If there's one person we'd defs not complain about being mistaken for, it's our girl Ariana Grande. We mean...

Absolute bae.com, right?

WELL, lucky YouTube star Jessica Teekasingh is livin' the dream RN because on her recent trip to Disney World basically everyone thought she was Ariana Grande and man was she milking it (we would too).

How could you NOT mistake that for Ari?!

Since then, Jess created a vid on her YouTube channel documenting the trip which hilariously includes fan 'meet and greets'. DEAD!!!

Before you get your knickers in a knot, Jess made sure she put a disclaimer before the vid: "I never claimed to be Ariana Grande. I took pictures with her fans that thought I was her, but I never confirmed their thoughts. Anyone who asked if I was her, I denied and told them I wasn't - as seen in the video - and yet they still requested a picture together."

Regardless, this girl is a kween and someone to look up to really.