Ariana Grande has become BFFs with a makeup wipe and has decided to be #natural from now on

Except lashes 'coz nobody is strong enough to give them up.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Ariana Grande embraces no makeup

Ariana Grande is basically known for her perfect contouring and cat-eye, but underneath all that #fleekness is still a total bae.

Just recently she has decided to embrace her ~natural~ beauty, wearing no makeup... except for lashes. She posted the below pic on Snapchat, captioned, "very much enjoying this no makeup / lashes only wave I'm on."

Can we plz take a moment to appreciate her honesty around them lashes? Makes us think Kylie's "no makeup" look with NO mention of these lashes being fake AF.

Lol. She must take a helluva lot of silica vitamins.

Anyways, this is a nice change from Ari's usual made up face, but we're wondering if it has something to do with Lindsay Lohan's constant "too much makeup" comments on her Instagram pics?!