Ariana Grande's reaction to her brother Frankie coming out as gay is perfection

You have to hear how that convo went down.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Ariana Grande's reaction to her brother being gay

Ariana Grande has a knack of reacting to things in legendary ways.

For example, how she reacted to her recent Grammy's nomination is basically #everything...

But when it came to her older brother coming out as gay, her reaction shows just how freaking fabulous she is.

Frankie told Attitude Magazine that, "She's my best friend and probably the person who makes me proudest on this planet."

"There's a 10-year age gap and I came out to her when she was just 11 years old — and she said: 'Great, when do I get to meet your boyfriend?'"

Frankie admitted that her quick acceptance comes from the accepting and open-minded family they belong to.

"She was raised in a family where gay was not only accepted, it was celebrated," he said. "The fact that some people are in families who throw them out because they're gay or they're being told they're wrong because of who they are, it's a tragedy and both she and I feel it's our responsibility to educate those people and help them see that we're all the same."

God freaking bless the Grande's. Like we didn't want to be part of that fam already thanks to nonna Grande, Frankie went on to admit that when he and Ari hang out, "We're running around the house screaming musicals, constantly singing songs from Rent and Wicked. There's always a performance going on in our house."