Ariana Grande stars in a short film with her dog and it’s the cutest, obvi

Introducing Toulouse Grande!

Rather than just release a small commercial to promote her ~DiVinE~ new fragrance, Ari, Miss Ariana Grande has decided that she needed to make a short film.

The AH-DORBZ two-minute mini movie titled "Ari" features Ariana embracing her inner Breakfast At Tiffany’s Holly Golightly as she steps into a vintage lilac taxi cab along with her sweet little pooch, Toulouse Grande.

The taxi driver asks Ari if she wants some music, so naturally she bursts into her bop of a tune Focus in the back seat of the cab, swishing her hair, spraying her perfume and patting her lil doggy.

It’s seriously the cutest. Check it out in the clip above!