Ariana Grande stacked onstage it while performing

The singer went bang, bang onto the stage.

We haven’t seen a celeb tumble this good since Madonna’s fabulous and highly-publicised stage fall at the BRIT Awards (which we’re still LOLing over).

But while Ariana Grande was performing "Bang, Bang" (ironic, huh?) at a concert in Toronto, she took quite a tumble.

And although Ariana’s stage dive might not have been as dramatic as Madonna's, it was pretty good nonetheless.

Like a pro, the singer didn't miss a beat and kept on singing her way through the fall - hey, it can't be easy strutting around in those mega high heels!

After her performance Ariana tweeted: “Thank you Toronto!!!! Tonight was such a fun show lol. Y'all made me feel so much better! I love you and thank you so much.”

Hmm, we wonder if she’s referencing that stack in her tweet… either way, girl killed it onstage!