Ariana Grande has just taken her relationship with Mac Miller to the nek freakin' level

Woahhh this is serious.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Ariana Grande tells Mac Miller she loves him on Instagram

When Ariana Grande and Mac Miller first started dating, we knew it was something special.

Refer to all their adorable Instagram posts.

Too much.

The two aren't strangers to working together, but their newest collab is probably their hottest yet, and it's inspired Ari to proclaim her undying love, YEP the actual L word on Instagram.

"#MyFavoritePartVideo 📺 That time I dropped my groceries, had a bowl of Cheerios, fell in love w my neighbor through the wall telepathically and it rained in my apartment. I love you @larryfisherman. We made another cool duet and i like your singing voice. ♡" She captioned the adorable pic of the pair kissing.

The video shows the two as neighbours who fall in love, pining after each other through a wall. Sah romantic.

Watch the full clip for My Favourite Part below.