Ariana Grande wishes she never recorded WHICH song?!

Awks, we kinda love this song.

Have you ever scrolled deep, deep down into your first Instagram posts and felt an instant wave of cringe, most likely from all the #Randomness and dodgy fashion choices you made back in the day?

Well, that’s how Ariana Grande feels about one of her most popular songs…

Chatting with radio hosts Zach Sang & the Gang, Ari was asked how she felt about her 2012 song Put Your Hearts Up, you know, the one where she’s still rocking her Victorious red hair, running around in a ball gown while releasing butterflies from their jars. #Typical2012Ari.

“Have you ever gone back and listened to Put Your Hearts Up?” the interviewer asks, before Ari shoots back with a stern, “NO!”

“That’s like scrolling too far back on Facebook and you’re like, ‘NO!’ and you delete everything.”

We feel ya gurl, we feel.

Ariana added, “Like 2013 on, you just delete everything. It’s like ‘born, 2014’."

When asked why she didn’t feel the love for the adorable song anymore, Ari explained, “I just see a kid who had red hair but wanted to do music really bad so she was kind of stuck in this weird world where it was half her character and half herself and it was like weirdly confused. But then shortly after I was like, okay, now it’s time to be me.”

“I feel like Put Your Hearts Up would have been Cat’s single,” Ariana concluded.

We’ll probably NEVER see Ari with red hair and ball gowns ever again, but that’s okay.

2015 Ariana is #KillingIt.