Ariana Grande’s stalker has been caught and the deets are horrifying

This is actually terrifying. Poor Ari!

By Matt Galea
Ariana Grande’s stalker has been caught

Being a celebrity isn’t all red carpets and photo-shoots, there’s kind of a scary side to the job, like being stalked by crazy people.

We don’t mean fan-girling, there’s nothing wrong with decorating your walls in photos of your fave star or asking for a celeb’s autograph if you see them in public.

Stalking is when someone develops an extreme obsession with a person which drives them to do weird and scary things to get their attention.

Ariana Grande knows this full well as she has been the victim of stalking since 2014 by a 31-year-old man named Timothy Normandin.

The Massachusetts man has been following the star, texting her and sending her weird and unwanted gifts like a 42-pound pumpkin, eight Yankee candles and a rock from the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

After being caught and going to trial, Ari’s stalker has pled guilty to criminal harassment and has been ordered to stay away from the singer, with three years of probation.

A court clinician has confirmed that Normandin has a number of serious mental health issues, including delusional disorder. The judge ordered that Normandin receive counselling to treat his issues.

Well, that’s good news for kween Ari!

Looks like she’s got one less problem now.