Ariana takes Hollywood?!

Miss Grande will be acting alongside Nicholas Hoult in a new movie...

Ariana Grande, Nicholas Hoult

Her singing career might only be getting started, but Ari has already scored gig acting in a movie.

And an AWESOME one no less.

The 21-year-old babe has been cast to star in the animated flick Underdogs alongside Jennifer Lawrence's ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult. Nice one!

While you might be thinking that Miss Grande would have an adorable voice for a pooch, the movie isn't about our canine friends (unfortunately).

It's about football. The movie will be an English dub take on the original Argentinian movie that's screening at the London Film Festival.

It’s a comedy about a seriously talented (but super shy) foosball player, Jake, who has to defend his town (and his girl, played by Ariana) from soccer player, Ace, (played by Nicholas).

Here’s the weird part – Jake helped out by the soccer players on his foosball table that magically come to life. Rigggghhhhtttttt…

Boss-man of the producting, The Weinstein Co,’s Harvey Weinstein has commended the talented cast, that also features Glee’s Matthew Morrison and Katie Holmes.

"This talented cast takes our script and enhances it, with brilliant improvisation and wonderful chemistry. I'm so proud of these super-talented actors and comedians," she explained.

The movie is set for a release date of April 10 2015, and we will definitely be lining up to see how Miss Grande goes.

The star is already a seasoned actress, appearing on Sam & Cat, Victorious and even Family Guy in the past, so we’re sure she’ll ace it.